Master Series Course: Furthering Your Education with Challenging Cases

Hands-On Sessions

  • Course Objective

    This course is comprised of 60-70% hands-on sessions and Clinical Implant Dentistry and is recommended for clinicians starting out or wanting to further their education with the treatment of more challenging cases. All details of the course are not included on the website for proprietary reasons, so clinicians are requested to call in for more information.

  • Module 1: Fundamental Principles of Oral Implantology

    • Case selection, diagnosis, and treatment planning
    • Understanding implant designs and surfaces
    • Anatomy, biology, and bone physiology
    • Cone beam diagnosis and treatment planning
    • Surgical guides – designing and fabrication
    • Incision, flap management, suturing, and wound healing
    • 3D printing and photography and documentation
    • Implant placement and restorations for single edentulous cases
    • Case discussions

    • Diagnosis and treatment planning on models and patients with face bow
    • CBCT hands-on training; capturing images and interpretation
    • Working with surgical guides
    • Photography and documentation; 3D printing and scanning cases
    • Implant placement on models, pig jaws. Flap management and suturing

  • Module 2: Immediate Placement and Bone Grafting

    • Diagnosis and treatment planning for immediate placement
    • Biological and mechanical principles of immediate placement
    • Anatomy, biology, and bone physiology
    • Principles and techniques for atraumatic tooth extraction
    • Role of soft and hard tissue around immediate implants
    • Incision, flap management, suturing, and wound healing
    • Flap vs. flapless surgeries
    • Basic biomaterial, socket grafting, and tenting
    • Managing infected sites
    • Full arch cases with delayed and immediate placement

    • Diagnosis and treatment planning on models and patients
    • Atraumatic extractions on models and pig jaws
    • Socket grafting and GBR for immediate placement
    • Piezoelectric and magnetic mallet extraction protocol
    • Tenting and case discussions

  • Module 3: Growth Factors and GBR

    • Diagnosis, classification, and treatment planning for bony defects
    • Biological and mechanical principles of GBR
    • Biomaterials and membranes: type, techniques, and applications
    • Ridge condensation, split and expansion techniques
    • Anatomy of the sinus and limitations
    • Sinus grafting: Lateral and crestal approach
    • Growth factors: PRF, iPRF, APRF, S-PRF – rationale & techniques
    • Pain control and management

    • Diagnosis and treatment planning on models and patients
    • Choosing biomaterials and membranes for different defect types
    • Advanced tenting for lateral and vertical bone gain (Umbrella Technique)
    • Ridge expansion and split: tools and techniques
    • Sinus elevation: virtual planning & sinus augmentation models/ simulators

  • Module 4: Live Surgery on Patients

    • Diagnosis and treatment planning on patients
    • Delayed, immediate, and early placement
    • Advanced GBR, ridge augmentation (split, expansion & tenting)
    • Crestal and lateral approach sinus augmentation
    • Phlebotomy: PRF, iPRF, A-PRF, S-PRF
    *Please note that this is an incomplete list. Visit Level III for a complete list of procedures.

  • Module 5: Advanced Prosthodontics

    • Diagnosis and treatment planning for advanced prosthodontics
    • Principles of occlusion for single and full mouth rehabilitation
    • Choosing abutments: stock vs. custom and cement vs. screw
    • Transfers, UCLA, CAD-CAM, (material & designs)
    • Implant-supported removable prosthodontics – techniques
    • Esthetic zone management utilizing the latest technologies
    • Full mouth reconstruction case reviews

    • Diagnosis and treatment planning on models and patients
    • Provisionalization for esthetics and full mouth on models
    • Stage II prosthetic protocols for restoring form and function
    • Seating final restoration, protocols, techniques, and verification

  • Module 6: Managing Complications

    • Recognizing, diagnosing, and treating complications
    • Harvesting autogenous bone from different sources for repair
    • Advanced soft tissue development
    • Role of growth factors like BMP in tissue repair
    • When, where, and how to manage complications
    • Final case presentation and graduation

    • Recognize, diagnose, and treat complications
    • Advance soft & hard tissue grafting for failing cases
    • Managing and staging tissue repair on models
    • Final Case Presentation

Course Schedule

  • Course Dates:
    --   Module 1 : Jan 15th, 16th & 17th, 2021 (8 Seats Left (Fort Lee, NJ))
    --   Module 2: March 12th - 13th, 2021 (8 Seats Left (Syracuse, NY))
    --   Module 3: April 16th - 17th, 2021 (8 Seats Left (Syracuse, NY))
    --   Module 4: May 23rd - 28th, 2021 (8 Seats Left (Dominican Republic))
    --   Module 5: July 2nd - 3rd, 2021 (8 Seats Left (Syracuse, NY))
    --   Module 6: September 17th - 18th, 2021 (8 Seats Left (Syracuse, NY))
  • Note:  Course assignments are part of the course completion. All assignments will be required to be submitted prior to graduation.
  • Credit Hours:  145 hours of educational credits and an additional credits up to 16 CE will be applied towards assignments
  • Venue:  Module 1, 2, 3, 5 and 6 NYII corporate office located at : 6250 S Bay Road, Cicero, NY. Module 4: Santiago, Dominican Republic.
  • Course Fee:  Total: $24,500 paid in 8 monthly payments of $3,062.50. Discounts available for single payments only. All materials, handouts, meals and hotel stay for 3 nights from module 1, 2 nights for module 2, 3, 5 and 6. Module 4 will include 5 nights of stay in Dominican Republic. 3. The fee also includes a Full surgical kit and implants.
  • Class Size:  LIMITED: Please note that since this is a very exclusive series with limited attendance and we are investing a lot of money on technology for training. There will be no refunds on cancellations or no-shows. All transactions will be non-transferable, non-refundable and final.
  • Need Help:  Please contact us for questions about registering for the Master Series.

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