Level VI Course: Full Arch All on X with Same-Day Placement - Live Surgery

8-Day Live Patient Surgery

  • Course Objective

    This course is designed for experienced clinicians who wish to learn immediate full arch loading and conversion. Clinicians will learn the fundamental principles of full mouth reconstructive surgery with immediate conversion and load. The course also will include atraumatic extraction, GBR, sinus augmentation, biomechanics of full arch reconstruction, managing bone defects and soft tissue.

  • Course Outline

    • Diagnosis and treatment planning full arch cases
    • Review the biomechanics important for full arch reconstruction including the role of implant designs and recommended implants for full arch cases
    • Learn atraumatic extractions using various techniques described in literature
    • Alveolar bone modification for full arch reconstruction
    • Incision designs and soft tissue manipulation
    • Learn principles of Dr Panjali’s “ALSAC” Atraumatic Sinus Augmentation
    • Designing provisional and final prosthesis
    • Material and methods for immediate conversion and loading
    • Full arch immediate conversion and loading concepts
    • Rules of rehabilitation and conversion
    • Final prosthesis

  • Course Schedule

    DAY 1
    • Arrive in Bogota, Colombia for orientation dinner at 6:30pm-9pm.

    DAY 2
    • Surgical and Prosthetic Principles: A Review - Lecture with hands-on model training 8am-10pm

    DAY 3
    • Lecture and live surgery at 8am-10pm

    DAY 4
    • Lecture at 8am-9am
    • Live surgery at 10am-10pm

    DAY 5
    • Lecture at 8am-9am
    • Live surgery at 10am-10pm

    DAY 6
    • Live surgery at 8am-10pm

    DAY 7
    • Live surgery at 8am-8pm

    DAY 8
    • Lecture and discussion at 8am-11am

  • Course Details

    This course will start with a lecture and hands-on training on strategic implant planning models for full arch cases followed by live surgery training to transfer skills to clinical situations.

    Day 1 Lecture
    • Diagnosis and treatment planning
    • Atraumatic extraction protocols with socket preservation and treatment (lecture and hands-on)
    • Arch analysis and Dr. Panjali’s “SKIL Guided Implant Placement”
    • How and when to use the multi-unit abutments
    • Freehand alignment of implants and abutments for full arch reconstruction
    • Case reviews
    • Hands-on training to use multi-unit abutments in straight and angled implants

    Didactic with hands-on training will also include the following:
    • Advanced GBR protocols with diagnosis and planning for full arch
    • Understanding the importance of thread designs
    • Ridge augmentation procedures and protocols
    • Sinus augmentation (lateral and crestal) techniques and protocols
    • What NOT to do with bone and soft tissue surgeries
    • PRF protocols for reconstructive surgery

    LIVE SURGERY 5 days

    Each doctor will be given full arch cases that may need extraction, grafting, sinus surgery, etc. in addition to full mouth reconstruction. The doctors will learn to convert a pre-fabricated immediate fixed provisional/existing denture with a goal to restore function, form, and aesthetics for the patients on the same day. Choosing to use 4, 6, or 8 implants with tilted and tuberosity implants for single arch to full mouth reconstruction will be taught using various techniques and systems. This training will allow clinicians to return to their practices and immediately transfer the acquired skills.

  • Course Fee


    Fee Includes:
    • Airport Pick-Up
    • Boarding
    • Lodging
    • Meals
    • Surgical and Prosthetic Supplies
    • Generic Instrument
    • Unshared Chair and Assistant, with a Complete Follow-Up

Course Schedule

  • Course Dates:
    --   May 21 - 27th, 2023
    --   Sept. 9 - 16th, 2023
  • Credit Hours:  86 CE Hours Total
  • Sponsored by:  Straumann Neodent, & Adin Closefit
  • Location:  Bogota, Colombia
  • Class Size:  4-6 clinicians per course
  • Pre-requisites:  Clinicians who have successfully completed Level III course are eligible to attend this course. All others wanting to attend this course must present advanced surgical and prosthetic training that may be reviewed upon request.
  • Course Fee:  $16,900
  • Refund Policy:  Refunds will only be issued 60 days prior to the commencement of the course. No refunds will be made after or during this period.

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