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New York Implant Institute was founded in 2008 with the mission to provide continuing education courses to general dentists and specialists. We believe establishing a good foundation is the key to success. Our extensive course selection delivers a complete understanding of surgical procedures, techniques, and innovations. Explore our diverse course list ranging from intermediate to advanced classes. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced clinician, we have a course for you. If you’re looking to explore and learn a wide spectrum of surgical & prosthetic procedures, you’ve come to the right institute. New York Implant Institute provides you with the knowledge to excel in the field of oral implantology and the confidence to start practicing implant dentistry.


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Highly Qualified Team

Learn from the world’s best dental professionals. A team of highly qualified implantologists, periodontists, and maxillofacial specialists that deliver simplified and direct training on all types of implant-related procedures.
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Put yourself on a successful career path. Whether you're a beginner or highly skilled professional, we have courses to fulfill your educational needs.
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Sinus Lift Hands-On
  • - Anatomy and limitations of the sinus
  • - Biomaterials overview
  • - Bio activators PRF
  • - Crestal and Lateral Approach Technique
  • - Post-surgical management
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Level I Dental Implants Made Simple For Beginners
  • - Endosteal Implant Design
  • - Bone Biology
  • - Osseointegration
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Level II Immediate Placement Tissue & Bone Grafting Extensive Hands-On Exercises
  • - Contraindications for Immediate Placement/Load
  • - Bone Grafting
  • - Mini Implants
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Level III 5 Day Live Patient Surgery Hands-on Surgical Training
  • - Atraumatic Extraction
  • - Immediate Implant Placement
  • - Live Patient Surgery
  • - GBR and Augmentation
  • - Sinus Augmentation
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Level IV Implant Prosthodontics Restoration Protocols for Single, Multiple, and Full Arch Cases.
  • - Diagnosis and Treatment Planning
  • - Types of Abutments
  • - Abutment Connections
  • - Prosthetic Parts of an Implant
  • - Impressions, Restorations, Insertions & Maintenance
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Level V Guided Bone Regeneration & Platelet Rich Fibrin Improve Bio Compatibility with GBR & Advanced PRF
  • - Rationale and Biologic Basis of Growth Factors
  • - Classification of Defects
  • - GBR (Guided Bone Regeneration), Soft Tissue Management
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Level VI Full Arch All on X with Same-Day Placement - Live Surgery 8-Day Live Patient Surgery
  • - Diagnosis and Treatment planning Full Arch Cases
  • - The Role of Implant Designs and Recommended Implants for Full Arch Cases
  • - Atraumatic extractions using various techniques
  • - Principles of Dr Panjali’s “ALSAC” Atraumatic Sinus Augmentation
  • - Full Arch Immediate Conversion and Loading Concepts
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