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5 DAY Course


"LIVE PATIENT SURGICAL COURSE" - From Novice to Specialist.

Deciding which Course is right for you

Whether you are a  beginner or highly skilled professional, we have courses to fulfill your educational needs.



 WHO should take this Course:

This is for doctors that wish to learn advanced GBR techniques and have already attended Level II and or Level III course with us.

If you have not taken any courses with us then, please look over the course description on our website for Level I, II, & III to self evaluate and determine if you can take the Level IV - GBR course. 

​"PRF" - Platelet Rich Fibrin- Hands On


"DENTAL IMPLANTS MADE SIMPLE" -  Beginners Course in Implant Dentistry.

WHO should take this Course:

This course is for doctors that have completed several cases and have a good grasp on principles of oral implantology. This course teaches different techniques, modalities, instrumentation to treat more complex as well as failing/failed cases with a diverse approach to achieve  predictable results. 

​This course is a potpourri of most common procedures/techniques utilized in implant dentistry. It is recommended for doctors that have a fair amount of completed cases with a few complications that were unresolved or hit a road block in the way of completing the case. Recommended after Level I (only if you have already started a few cases), Level III and Level IV.​​

 WHO should take this Course:

This is for doctors  that have never placed an implant; restoring dentists and also for those who've  placed a very few implants.​​

This course covers the Fundamental Principles of Implant dentistry. It outlines different implant designs, thread type and where each of these designs can be used. Surgical hands on goes over diagnosis and treatment planning aspect as well as surgical principles including flap management, ridge analysis and guided surgery.

This course is designed for beginners who wish to start placing Implants in their practices. This course is also recommended for doctors that have taken  product related courses form implant manufacturers.

 WHO should take this Course:

This course is "open to all Health care providers"

Whether you are a novice, beginner, 
advanced, expert or work as a health care provider, - you can attend this course.

​This course is for:

  • Dentists.

  • Surgeons.

  • Plastic Surgeons.

  • Medical Doctors.

  • Chiropracter.

  • Nurses

  • Allied Medical and Dental staff

This is a live patient surgery course that is recommended specially after taking Level I for beginners. This course is for anyone wanting to improve their surgical skills, knowledge and or for mastering surgical techniques in real life scenarios.

A wide variety of cases are performed during this course and doctors are able to choose the difficulty level they want to learn. From simple cases to some of the most complex cases can be treated during this course. ​This course is a potpourri of most common procedures/techniques utilized in implant dentistry.

3 Day courseis recommended for doctors that are experts and wish to do improve their skill with focus on one particular aspect/procedure in oral implantology. This course is NOT recommended for BEGINNERS or Advanced but only for experts. General Practitioners who have dedicated a major portion of their practice to implantology or specialists should attend this course.

5 Day course is recommended for doctors that are just starting out or have been selective in their cases due to lack of confidence and skill.  This course will improve the skill level in all aspects of surgical implantology including but not limited to immediate placement, routine GBR, tissue grafting, crestal sinus approach, "Caldwell luc" approach, ridge expansion/splits etc... Although, there is a wide variety of procedures that are taught during these courses it is important to pick a few procedures important to your practice and focus on learning them first. Since it is an unrealistic goal to expect learning all the procedures in 5 days we recommend taking baby steps.

Traditionally, we recommend mastering the basic, routine surgical cases during the first course and once you have practiced those in your practice then, you may return to another course to learn a new set of skills.

3 DAY Course

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