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January 27th, 2018                 "Introduction to PRF and Grafting", Toronto.
MARCH 23rd, 2018.          "PRF for Everyday Dentistry" Toronto.
April 28th, 2018              "Hands On Guided Bone Regeneration"  Chicago.

​May 25- 26, 2018            " PRF and GBR", Toronto, Canada 

August 11th, 2018.           " Platelet Rich Fibrin - Accelerated Healing" Miami, Fl.

September 12th, 2018      " PRF for Everyday Dentistry". District Society NY.

Sept. 14 - 15th, 2018.      " GBR and Socket Grafting" Dayton, Ohio.

​September 27th, 2018.    " Its not you, its the screw", AAID Annual Meeting, Dallas
October 26 - 27th, 2018   " PRF and GBR for Everyday Dentistry". UFT, Toronto.  

Greater New York Dental Meeting  (Sponsored Courses) 

Nov. 24th, 2018                GBR using Platetlet Rich Fibrin.

Nov. 25th, 2018                immediate PLACEMENT IN ESTHETIC ZONE.

Nov. 26th, 2018.               " My First Implant" - Beginners course.

​Nov. 26th, 2018.               Innovations in Immediate Implants.



Dr Panjali will be speaking at following locations in 2018.​