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Learn Biologic basis and fundamental principles of Implant Prosthodontics.  This course is designed for beginners that wish to learn about the  PROSTHETIC phase of Implant dentistry. The course will outline the diagnoses, planning and designing implant supported restorations. You will learn bio mechanical principles of the prosthetic parts utilized for implant supported restorations including surface treatments, connection types and properties of each connection.

Participants will be able to  diagnose, plan and surgically place single as well as multiple edentulous areas with endosseous implants in their practices. Each participant will receive a comprehensive manual which compiles slides from the lecture. This makes following the lecture more enjoyable than having to take detailed notes, and will also provide as an excellent reference book when you return to your office after this course.

  • No Sharing Patients !! One doctor per Chair.
  • With over 50 surgeries and procedures to learn from…. 

    • Diagnosis and treatment planning

    – Occlusion
    – Esthetic zone
    – Splinting vs individual

    • Types of abutments.

  • – Cemented vs Screw In
    – Custom vs Stock
    – Angled
    – Locators
    – Precision attachments

    • Abutment connections – different type and their significance.

    – Hex vs non hex
    – Screws

    • Prosthetic Parts of an implant and how, when and where they are used.

    – Temporary Abutments.
    – UCLA Abutments.
    – Impression Copings.
    – Transfer copings.

    • Impressions:

    – Implant level Impressions
    – Impressions for stock abutments
    – Material impressions vs digital impressions

    • Restorations:

    – Lab Communication
    – Types of crowns  (Materials and Design)
    – Types of Locators
    – Permanent vs Fixed Detachables vs Removable Partials
    – CAD CAM  Restorations

    • Insertions:

    – Screw tightening
    – Types of cementation.

    – Worry free, double cementation technique.

    • Implant Maintenance

  • Establish basic foundation and understanding of implant supported restorations, their biologic basis and applicability in restoring single and multiple edentulous areas.
  • Predictably diagnose and treatment plan conventional single and multiple tooth restorations.
  • Understand and manage complications with single tooth implant supported restorations in both anterior and posterior areas.
  • Learn different techniques to fabricate provisional restorations in house.
  • You will know what works and what doesn’t work.
  • You will recognize how to avoid and treat complications.
  • You will understand what we know about timing of implant supported restorations.
  • How to predictably restore implants
  • Gain confidence, improve clinical knowledge and skills to establish successful implant dentistry practice.

Each participant will learn the steps to develop a fully functional and estheic implant supported restoration in a unique interactive and simplified step-by-step fashion. 

Limited enrollment ensures one on one interaction between the instructor and participants to enhance the learning experience.

HANDS-ON EXERCISES are divided into 3 sessions including, treatment planning modalities, fabrication of provisional restorations for immediate and delayed placement , and steps to final restoration.

Treatment Planning Modalities will start with establishing diagnosis and treatment plans on actual cases provided by the New York Implant Institute. This exercise will utilize models, surgical templates and panoramic radiographs.

PROVISIONALIZATION : will include, introduction to instrumentation AND  materials for fabricating provisional restoration for immediate and delayed placement. This will also include provisionals to shape tissue in esthetic zone.

STAGE II and soft tissue manipulation in pig jaws. Using healing abutments to shape tissue and keys to preventing collapse of the desired contours. Taking Implant level and abutment level impressions and establishing desired contours for final restorations.
SEATING FINAL Restoration on models, pig jaws.

This exercise will include surveying the restorative site, re establishing a good seating area, isolation, cementation / screw final restorations.


Course Dates & Location

March 8-9th, 2019 ​​

October 4 – 5th, 2019

May 14-15th, 2020

December 4 – 5th 2020

Course Instructor: A. Panjali DDS​


 Friday & Sat. 8am – 5pm                  


​6250 S Bay Road, Cicero NY



Dentists  $1200

AGD subject Code : 690

To Register please call (888) 818- 9901 

No discounts will be offered when signing up for individual courses. This offer is non-transferable and cannot be combined with any other offer. All cancellations must be received two weeks in advance for a full refund. All cancellations will be charged $50 processing fee. No refunds on cancellations made less than a week before the course.​

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