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New York Implant Institute was founded in 2008 with a mission to provide continuing education in implant dentistry for general dentists, specialists, and staff. Our mission is to provide the participants with clinical knowledge, and hands-on experience; eliminating confusing terminology, and easy to understand teaching methodology allows participants to establish a good educational foundation in placing and restoring implants. 

We have courses for novice to experienced clinicians looking to explore and learn the wide spectrum of implant related procedures and get up to date information on new techniques in the field of Implant dentistry. Our most popular course "Mini Residency LIVE SURGERY" course that encompasses most surgical procedures including restoration of implants is considered one of the finest in North America.

Limited enrollment and class size allows the participants to interact and ask questions in a very informal and personable environment. It has been our deliberate effort to ensure that our participants feel confident about placing and restoring implants by the end of the course. So far we have been able to achieve 100% success in training our participants and continue to maintain this level of excellence in the future.


Each participant will learn the placement of root form dental implants in a unique simplified step-by-step fashion. This is followed by a hands-on session in establishing diagnosis and treatment plans on actual cases provided by the New York Implant Institute. Each participant will then perform these procedures on models, concluding with performing live surgery under the direct supervision of the course instructor. The objective of this course is to establish clinical comfort with placement of dental implants, manipulation of surgical flaps, obtaining of tension free surgical closure with proper suture materials and suturing techniques, followed by a step-by-step guide to restoring the implant .

The basic course also includes the learning of the fundamentals of biomechanics the biology of bone, as well as the rationale for the diagnosis, treatment planning, and the clinical practice of placing root form dental implants. The course will also cover pre and post surgical considerations, possible post surgical infections, and the management of complications.


This lecture provides an overview of pertinent concepts and principles of Immediate Implant Placement and Bone Grafting. Related anatomical considerations to dentoalveolar surgery, biology of healing, surgical closure, advanced soft tissue surgical techniques for restoring three dimensional soft tissue topography, sculpting gingival tissues to enhance patients smiles, and predictably restore immediate placement cases are also covered.

The advanced course will expose participants to a wide range of flap designs for atraumatic extractions, and immediate implant surgery with principles of bone remodeling in dental implant therapy. Participants will learn bone grafting techniques with an emphasis on socket preservation and grafting techniques involved with immediate implant placement. An overview of available suture materials, surgical techniques, and how they should be selected for various surgical procedures will be discussed. On day 2, a hands on session will bring everything into perspective for the participants.




Advancing in Implant dentistry requires a thorough understanding of the Maxillary Sinus and periodontal issues arising peri and post operatively. And we have the best of the best Dr. Steve Wallace who has the largest data base on Sinus Grafting. 

This course will review the existing literature, present current surgical techniques and new technique modifications, comprehensively discuss grafting materials and new technologies for the future. Piezoelectric surgery will be presented as a technique that results in fewer complications. Complications will be discussed with regard to both avoidance and treatment. This course includes important periodontal principles utilized in implant dentistry. Specially designed hands on course will provide you with confidence and skills needed to predictably perform Sinus Grafting and Augmentation. 



A review of Chairside diagnosis, treatment planning and live surgeries including Immediate placement, atraumatic extraction, bone grafting, sinus augmentation, and a lot more.

This will help put things in perspective from practice point of view.



Final & optional course, will help participants, present and prepare cases. It will also provide opportunity for open discussions and present ideas in a very informal setting.

 Our commitment to excellence and dedication to implant dentistry has led us to constantly improve our program and add more features critical to the learning process. With the help and guidance from our Board of Advisors (who are experts in various fields of dentistry). We have a 100% success in helping our participants achieve the desired clinical skills.

 Whether you're just starting out, or looking to enhance your existing skills, this hands-on, live surgery series is exactly what you're looking for.

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